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        Mr. M. Raju, IAS

  From : 11-03-2019


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Sh. Arun Kumar Mehta, IAS
 Principal Secretary to Govt., Finance Department  
  Mr. M. Raju, IAS
 Excise Commissioner


In early eighties the Excise Department and the Sales Tax Department existed as “Excise and Taxation Department”. These were segregated into two viz Excise Department and Sales Tax Department each headed by a Commissioner.

 The Excise Department was charged with the responsibility of: -

  • Excise related activities on IMFL.
  • Manufacture of Country Liquor at two bonded warehouse located at Jammu and Srinagar and its sale through departmentally run country liquor vends by the Excise Sub-Inspectors and Excise Guards.
  • Collection of Toll at various Toll Posts.


 In the year 1986-87 the sale of country liquor through departmentally run vends was dispensed with and country liquor vends were auctioned. The staff posted at these vends was adjusted here and there without any re-organization.

The operations at the warehouse at Srinagar were stopped due to eruption of militancy. Manufacture of country liquor at erstwhile warehouse at Bikram Chowk Jammu was also stopped in the year 1996-97 and it was entrusted to local distilleries.


  • Enforcement of the Jammu and Kashmir Excise Act, Samvat 1958.
  • Enforcement of the Jammu and Kashmir  Liquor Licence and Sales Rules, 1984.
  • Enforcement of the Jammu and Kashmir Distillery Rules.
  • Enforcement of the Jammu and Kashmir Brewery Rules, Samvat 2003.
  • Enforcement of the Jammu and Kashmir Levy of Tolls Act, Samvat 1995 and rules made thereunder.
  • Enforcement of the Jammu and Kashmir Public Warehousing of Liquor and Intoxicating Drug Rules, 1970.
  • Assistance in policy formulation of Levy of Toll, Excise Duties,  etc.
  • Prevention of smuggling and illicit distillation of liquor.
  • Prevention of evasion of  Toll, Excise Duty etc.
  • Administration of matters relating to Excise, Toll under the Excise purview.

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