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 The licence is granted to retail vend of Imfl to the public only. This licensee is granted for a period of one year i.e up 31st March with annual Licence Fee. This licence is renewed by the department after getting annual Licence Fee . The licensee shall maintain regular and proper accounts of receipt and sales in Form E-14. He shall also maintain a brand-wise register. The liquor shall be sold in sealed/capsuled bottles only, Beer in bottles and/ or metallic canes and in no case shall these be opened or sold in part by the licensee nor shall be allow consumption of liquor of any kind on the licensed premises. Every licensee have to pay Additional licence fee. The licensee cannot sold liquor other than foreign liquor, JK Desi Whisky, Beer and liquor liquor purchased within the State fee of duty or on payment of duty at concessional rates or otherwise from the Canteen Stores Department (India ) Depot., the canteens run by any Army authority or para military units or any other similar organization.

Grant of JKEL2 Licence:

JKEL2 Licence for retail vend of foreign liquor/beer/JK Desi Whisky are granted . Broadly any premises to be suitable for opening of liquor vend should meet the following requirement :-

1.    The vend premises should be in a pucca building

2.    The vend premises are inspected by the Excise Officers ( Dy. Excise Commissioner Executive, Excise & Taxation Officer and Inspector).These officers inspects the shop to ascertain that the premises meet the requirement of excise rules.

3.    If the proposed premises is found suitable for grant of JKEL2 licence,  the concerned person is required to deposit annual licence fee before the licence is issued in his favour/name.

Assessment Fee :- Every licensee has to pay an Assessment fee as per the existing SRO.

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