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The Toll Post, Lower Munda was established in the year 1989 and was inaugurated by then Chief Minister Dr. Farooq Abdullah. The Toll Post is situated about 10 Kms from Jawahar Tunnel on the Kashmir side and is known as the gateway to  the valley of Kashmir.

The Toll Post is charged with the responsibility of collecting basic Toll from the vehicles (Heavy Vehicles as well as Light Vehicles) coming from Jammu in the import side and from the vehicles going outside the valley upto Jammu and beyond Lakhanpur in the export side. The responsibility has increased manifold due to the closure of Toll Post, Banihal in July 2003. The vehicles which use to pay Toll at Banihal in the Import Side are now charged Toll at this Toll Post.  The revenue has also shown a continuous increase since its establishment. The revenue at the time of its establishment was Rs. 0.87 Crores which has gradually over the time  increased upto to about Rs. 22.48 Crores ending March 2016.  The establishment consists of Excise and Taxation Officer, Excise, Excise Inspectors, Excise Sub-Inspectors and Excise Guards. The Excise & Taxation officer is the incharge of this Toll Post.

YEAR INCOME (in Crores)
2004-2005 11.00
2005-2006 12.06
2006-2007 11.41
2007-2008 15.69
2008-2009 14.55
2009-2010 16.68
2010-2011 17.99
2011-2012 20.41
2012-2013 20.88
2013-2014 20.33
2014-2015 19.74
2015-2016 22.48
2016-2017 23.92
2015-16 495.58

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