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    Lakhanpur is the major entry point to the  Jammu & Kashmir. As per law of the land, every vehicle entering or going out of the  J&K has to pay toll tax. Hence Lakhanpur being major entry point to the J&K  every vehicle whether light or heavy, loaded or empty has to pay toll at this point barring few exceptions where the toll is exempted under different SROs. In this connection the Government of Jammu & Kashmir has set up the Toll Post under the administrative control of Dy. Excise Commissioner, Toll Post Lakhanpur for the collection of toll tax under different heads i.e. Toll on Goods,  and Basic Toll. Toll on Goods  is levied on weight, number and Advelorum basis is charged on goods and the basic toll is charged on vehicles whether heavy or light in nature.

A Brief History

Computerized weighing system at Toll Post- Lakhanpur was inaugurated by Hon’ble Finance Minister, J& K State, Janab A.R. Rather on 6th January’1990. Initially only 2 weigh bridges were installed one for Import and another for Export Section. To coup up the increasing rush of vehicles both at import and export and especially to facilitate the smooth running of the incoming and out going traffic, the toll plaza was constructed, foundation stone of Toll Plaza was laid by Janab Mohd.Shafi, Hon’ble Finance Minister of J&K state on 5th Feb’1997.

With the coming up of toll plaza separate lanes were made for vehicles coming inside and  going outside the J&K. These lanes are further divided according to the class of vehicles i.e for light vehicle like Car/Jeep/Sumo there is a separate lane for Buses there is a separate lane and for trucks there are separate lanes. There are 5 lanes for trucks coming inside the state and 4 lanes for trucks going outside the state. Loaded vehicle coming or going outside the state have to go through the weigh bridges This is the single point where all the information regarding nature of the vehicle and the goods loaded in the vehicle is recorded through computers and accordingly different type of toll is charged on the vehicles and goods loaded on that vehicle


S.NO YEAR INCOME (in Crores)
1 1999-2000 92.54
2 2000-2001 103.77
3 2001-2002 118.09
4 2002-2003 123.61
5 2003-2004 138.15
6 2004-2005 158.23
7 2005-2006 173.50
8 2006-2007 178.83
9 2007-2008 206.60
10 2008-2009 188.63
11 2009-2010 208.92
12 2010-2011 249.82
13 2011-2012 306.23
14 2012-2013 356.11
15 2013-2014 404.76
16 2014-2015 415.61











Exemption is granted to certain types of goods meant for export of import as per the specific instructions from the government in the shape of SROs especially under the clear cut policy to promote the Industrial activities encouraging the manufacture of goods in the J & K State. On completion of certain formalities the exemption can be granted. When these formalities are completed in all aspects then the firm can avail exemption. In case of light motor vehicles the exemption is only given if the owner of the vehicle is residing within the fifteen Kilometers (15KMS) from the Toll Post Lakhanpur.

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